Liverpool City Council’s masterplan for new ‘Creativity Zone’ in north Liverpool’s docklands

Proposed Ten Streets Development Area

With Liverpool City Council set to create a new Creativity Zone in the North Docks, Getintothis’ Paul Higham brings exciting news of benefit to the city’s creative and artistic communities.

Where first it was the Baltic Triangle that fell under Liverpool City Council‘s radar, providing a hub for vibrant new creative enterprises to flourish, now its attention has shifted northwards towards the city’s northern docks area.

The City Council will look to create a Cultural Enterprise Industry Hub to neighbour existing developments at the Titanic Hotel and Rum Warehouse Conferencing Centre and plans will be submitted to the City Council‘s cabinet on October 14 to approve what has been termed as the Atlantic Corridor Development Framework.

It is envisaged that this will encompass a zone known as the Ten Streets which will run from an area immediately north of the city centre’s commercial district to the Stanley Dock complex. The focus of the development will be on the existing architectural infrastructure, with many of the area’s former warehouses ripe for conversion and the low rent base making the area an ideal location for start-up businesses in the artistic, creative and digital fields.

Liverpool’s Mayor Joe Anderson speaks positively about the developments suggesting that the area has been “a sleeping giant for far too long” and the opportunity exists “for the first time in generations…to resurrect its fortunes“.

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